Last night, my housing area was having a major blackout.
We were all doing our own stuff - TV, Computer, etc.
It started almost at 11 o`clock, and ended sometime at 3 or 4 o`clock.
It's HOT, HOT, HOT. Many neighbours went out for walks to get fresh, windy air. Including us! It was nice! :)

Actually, bagus juga ada blackout sebab boleh spend time with family and not just TV & Computers. We ate Chipsmore cookies, milk, and we LOL-ed at the terrace. :)
But the bad side, it was freaking HOT when we force ourselves to go to sleep! Maklumlah, hari minggu. :(
Lagipun ngantuk gila-gila la. Macam mana boleh tak tidur, kan?

Tapi sedih lah. Tak dapat Solat Isyak semalam. Dah kena Qada`. Huhu.
So, next time don't postponed Solat, like me. OK?

Jom Jadi Baik!
(Tagline Asuh)

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