Geografi Punya Pasal..

So, today my oh-so-boringly-lame Geography teacher, Mrs [T] just dumped an assignment on us - Kajian Geografi Tempatan. It's too early. Why can't she just chillax for awhile, huh? She explains pointless things and wasting a lot of time. We should've been in Chapter 10 by now. :/
I can go on and on and on about this, but let's just keep it simple - I HATE HER. Okay, maybe not her; but her way of teaching. Incredibly boring and you can suddenly fall asleep! Seriously.
My friends and I love gossiping about her, about her ways. I think all my classmates hate it too.
I have a list on what to ask her regarding the assignment :

1. Kena ada photo ke?
2. What to soal in the soal selidik?
3. Don't we have to put nilai2 at almost every page?
4. Boleh buat kajian tempat lain tak?
5. What should we add to the front cover?

That's about it. I know - pointless questions. But it's important. She explains so little, yet expects so big from us. I just don't get her, we all don't. It's like a miracle when she smiles, y'know? I wish someone else would teach us.. :/

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