Rexona oh, Rexona..

Yesterday Rexona came to school. So BEST! :D
The interesting part? ---> Instead of usual blabs, they performed a DRAMA titled "Eee.. Bau Apa Ni?!" or something like that. Lol. By the one and only, THE REXONA DRAMA TEAM!

It's a about "Sherry" and her guy friend's stinky smell cause` of sweat and bacteria and stuff. Then Lisa introduced them to Rexona so problem solved! The end! But the scenes were so interesting. You should deffo see it! I DARE YOU TO.! :P

The worst part? ---> I got the men sample in blue packaging, not the women-pink one because kehabisan stok..?! I gave it to my Dad at last. Yay, save from that awful-in-my-nose lemon smell. :D

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