Spring Cleaning!

Hey. My first ever official post! :)

As you know, SD has extended the rooms and we now can move the dressup table and everything. All my 'floating' things are messing it up. My suite, specifically my main room is a total mess. Excuse, me! :S
That's also kinda-sorta why I haven't renewed my outfit since if I'm not mistaken, last two weeks... EEK! :S

Proof? Of course, I remember.. :)

I know, it's not real mess. But for a girl, that's quite malas la.. So, I don't want to cacatkan my reputation. Hehe. They're PAIN in my eyes..

I keep postponing to do the 'cleaning' until now.. Hmm.. I guess there's a lazy cat inside of me! :P

RAWR... or MEOW...
See ya, or I'm gonna eat ya!

P.S. Photos courtesy of Stardoll. :)

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