Start Anew..

I'm Fia_fantasy [Fia] , former part-owner of Pink Islam. I dunnoe whether I should close it down or not. So, I just wanna leave it that way. :/

Enough about that. Anyway..
I decided to start a new blog, about anything & everything. This may sound boring, but who cares?! I don't. So beat it. I'm currently an avid writer in my Starblog, but blogspot just makes it so much better with backgrounds, fonts, and other cool stuff. Don't worry, I'll still write there. Maybe here, not as often as there.

All necessary info is on my SD page & my blogger-user page [or whatever they call it].
Tata for now.

P.S. I'll most likely write in 'Manglish' language here cause' I often talk like that with my friends. So get use to it.


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