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[New segment - School stuff - So I have no more problems regarding titles - Lol]

[Ehem..ehem..] I'm [What pretend-news-reporter-girl name should I use?!] Sunny, reporting LIVE from [Err..] Sunshine Studios. [?!]
School has been a hassle for Afia, a student who seemed boring, though the truth was obvious that she lacked social skills. She did not have any true friends until she met this particular overly-friendly girl. The latest report was that Afia finally has a dose of confidence in herself after the so called 'Casual talk' with her.

Recently, or better yet - Yesterday, an incident occured at the school canteen as she was eating a delicious, not forgetting healthy - egg sandwich as well as a plastic cup of iced-Milo. Yummo! Two gangs of girls were 'debating' about something which she can understand - barely! Perhaps, regarding a boy.. or maybe something else? No one knows! But, how can she ever refused when the fight was right IN FRONT of her four eyes! This 'debate' was supported by a group of random boys watching from a short distance. However, the fight didn't last long, though maybe the payback are still in planning. Good thing too, nobody was hurt! (:

Moving onto the good part.. Afia, who is also known as the I'm-too-lazy-for-3K type of girl by most of her classmates, was tremendously happy as she was forced to avoid entering that class which, she has hatred to - She was once embarrassed so badly until goosebumps appeared! Worse things could've happen. The reason behind all this is that there was a 'Bacaan Yasiin' or 'Yasiin Reciting' program held at the prestigious Surau specifically for Muslim students of Form 2. "No 3K for me today! Oh yeah!", she exclaimed yesterday. Hope you're feeling fine, Afia - Obviously! (:

Even that sort of good thing didn't last long. It was reported that the new student in her class - Vanished! Not the magician type of vanished, FYI. Missing would be the most suitable word to use! His attendance was taken but he himself later gone missing. Badly enough, his parents came for him due to unknown reasons. Nobody knows what happened to him, including his best friends and family. Ah, sad, isn't it? Whatever it is, we, representing Afia and her classmates, hope that he will be found soon. Amin!

"Story time.!" is what Afia likes. Her so-called-dream was fulfilled by her Ustazah during Islamic lessons. The teacher was generous enough to share it with the whole class. Lovely. Of course, Afia had a great time listening to stories!

There we have it, folks! The overall news coming from Afia's own words. Till we meet again, this is Sunny; signing off..

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SteffiH0 said...

Good on. Love the idea, the whole "REPORTER" thang.