East Coast Trip :: DAY 2

- 5th June 09 -

Aha. I woke up that morning with confusion of who will go to the breakfast buffet. After whole lot of thinking, ALL of us went. YES, the 7 of us. We have our ways.. Hee~

I wore the *NEW* clothes I bought the day before. Y`know, the blue t-shirt & the black gypsy-styled skirt. Matched it with a black colour `Tudung Indon`. I love those kind of hijabs, very practical & comfy. No need pins & brooches etc.

So anyway, after breakfast, we makan angin at the nearest beach - Teluk Balok. No need cars, meaning no engine - electricity used, just helpful ole` feet. Boleh exercise jugak kan? :))

Fun jugak jalan2. But my skirt got all wet & soggy & sandy.. Eurgh. I immediately change into the mini changing room* when we got back to the hotel. I`ll tell you about that room later in this post. :)

CHECKING OUT.. (Get IT?! Lol.)
There were SOO many residents at the hotel. And the bellboys are fully booked! GOSH. Abah went to get the car, and the left-overs [Us] carried the oh-so-heavy bags! Macam nak patah bahu, pinggang, lutut, you tau! :P But eh.. not so much. We are 6 people so after the dividends, it`s all good. But WE STILL NEEDED HELP. Especially this cik kak yang sedang tulis ni. Huhu. :/

It was Friday so the men of the family did the Friday prayers whilst the girls [Ooh, my Mum`s young! Lol.] sit in car, acting like maniacs - Singing & Laughing & Being CRAZYY! HAHA. My sis wants to add this :: Girls` time! & I have to agree with her. Better yet, G.N.O. - Girls` Noon Out! HAHA. :P

Hmm.. OK. We had lunch at ~Warung Aziz Satar~ famous for its `pinggan besar`! Does Aziz Satar remind you of anything?? No? Well it`s that famous old dude actor who just got married.. Lols.
I`m not sure whether it`s his restaurant or not, or perhaps a coincidence.. I just don`t care. Most importantly, perutku KENYANG. ^^
Yummy too. If it`s not yummy I wouldn`t write here about it. Duh~

Umi + Abah cari hotel utk kitorg tidur that night using Internet. Adalah.. Laptop + internet plugged. Alah, jangan tanya aku camne.. Aku memang tak tau. :S
Alhamdulillah, we found somewhere to zzzzz that night. 2 rooms/family room for RM130. OK le tu.. Awang`s Beach Resort rasanya kalau tak silap. (www.awangs.com) Try going there. I might as well try to! Lol. Or maybe add the .my ..

Honestly, I`m not too fond of it. Because of some things.. But let`s not focus on the bad stuff, let`s review the good things..

~ Right infront of the Rantau Abang Beach. Gold sand. Swell waves. And plus, the waves are narrowed to the right shore.. Nicee.

SEE YOU TOMORROW! - 6th June 09 -

* The mini changing room is actually the closet! Lol. You better believe it. I`m small-sized so I can bend my body in the closet. Plus, it`s tall in length, so..
Weird, weird ME. :)

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