Extraordinary Stuff @ the Trip.

The three sisters ( Zira, Sue & I) became part-time "composers" just for fun! Tbh we had our ideas in the car while waiting for stuff.. HaHa. xD

Mine :
Woo Xie, Xie.. Lau Sek...
{I thank you, Teacher!}
Wo is I in Mandarin {as in Wo Ai Ni }, Xie xie {Tq}, Lau Sek {Teacher}.
Sorry Chinese students, for bad spelling, and bad grammar and other bad stuff..
If only you could hear me singing it, it`s like so.. a toad voice.. And my sisters will eventually shout {STOP! STOP! STOP!} while covering their ears! Hahaha.. But it was FUNNY. To me, at the very least! (:

Zira`s :
Suatu Hari Nanti...
The rhythm is like a national song, y`know? Very straightforward & boring.. at the beginning! But then we create the rest of the song changing from one another and we try to make it funny & rhyming..

Sue`s :
Hey dear,
Hey dear,
It`s a happy day dear.
Come dear,
Come dear,
It`s a boring day dear.

For the record, she`s just 6 turning 7 soon! Aren`t I proud as her big sis?! Of course I do! Of course.. :))

~We also spoke to each other mostly since Day 3, I think, in several languages & dialects.

Languages :
1. Malay {Like, what kind of person am I if I forgot my own tongue language, right?!}
2. English {Falls 2nd place. Malay`s always No.1 with fam!}
3. Indonesian {We watch Intan on Prima. So terikut2 sikit laa..}

Dialects :
1. Kelantanese.

"I was waiting for the bus & then I found out I lost my wallet."
"I wah wa`in for the baeh & then I fawn out I loh my wallek."

2. T`ganu.

"Makan pinggan besar."
"Makang pinggang besar."

3. Penang.

"Awak pergi mana?"
"Hang pi mano?"

~ And yes, that`s it. Hope you enjoyed reading this little post of mine! :)

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