Meez Me! ;D

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

After a looong time away from Meez, I`m back!
It`s such an awe site! Join & you won`t regret!

Pros :

- It`s 3-D.
- You can turn it around.
- Zoom-in-zoom-out.
- Can be moved upwards/downwards almost like telepathy.

- Most clothings are FREE, CHEAP, && CUTE.
- You can buy makeup etc. eventhough you don`t have the `membership`.
- Friends/Contacts.

- You can play games to earn more money.
- Avastar have assorted animations & backgrounds.
- Profiles etc, the usuals.
- Can export your Meez to blogs etc.

Cons :

- You need to have javascript so that your avastar loads.
- Loads slow on slow connection. [Like, duh.]
- Must use firefox, internet explorer etc. Cannot function with Google Chrome. With Safari, I`m not sure.

P.S. My username there is Fia_fantasy also. :]

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