No Trip for Me.. :c

Today, about 200++ students are on a school trip to KLCC. They`ll go to Petroscience, Aquaria etc. FUN... But really, these are KL people. They must`ve been there, at least once! Oh, perhaps.. Their parents just order them to study?? Boohoo.

Though I`m not going. If I was, I wouldn`t have written all this stuff, duh! I choose this path (chewahh) because I don`t like crowded environments. It`s terrible, just terrible.

They`re already there NOW. They went this morning &; will likely return 5.00pm something.
So that means they won`t attend school. But I do. Huh.

Good thing, some classes are gonna `join forces`! Haha. And got some programs. So hopefully I won`t die of boredom! lol

P.S. I didn`t even do my homework. Cause` today tak belajar sangat! Hehe~

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