Reflection in the Lake Waters.

The girl I see ;
- Fia
- Early teen
- Looks nerdy
- Shortie
- ?

The bad characteristics ;
- Potato couch
- Lazy cat
- Too shy til I know which person I have & haven`t talked to
- Not `sporting`
- Not really friendly, I admit
- Helpful? Nah
- Fear people won`t accept me
- Dunno how to relate to people
- Unorganised
- Not really up-to-date on the latest fashion, music, movies, books etc
- Low self esteem
- Fear creepy crawlies
- Not a true ANAK DARA

(As you can see from the above list, I have `friend` issues.)

The good characteristics ;
- Solehah
- Friendly to the ones I`m really close to (Family & K.)
- Smart? heehee~
- Too much of a good girl (Grandma said it!)
- Relax
- Motivated (Thanks to Mum :))
- ?

(I`m not liking this! My bad characteristics are more than my good ones! I NEED A CHANGE!)

Extra Bits ;
- Laughing-non-stop-for-no-reason disease!
- Loves experimenting with Mum`s clothes & scarves & then model in front of the mirror! Lol
- Loves surfing ... the net
- Chocolate + Vanilla!
- Pastels, shades of pink & purple
- Usual activity : Window Online Shopping
- People call me weird



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