Latest School News.

~ Our class teacher Mrs M. is having an operation of some sort {Hope she`s OK.} and will likely be back next two weeks. It`s both a YAY & NAY. xP

~ Wednesday was the happiest day of the week. Everything went smoothly & I was like SO happy, smiling.. But I bet no one saw my smile. Oh well. And I got my PJK results {95%}! I was over the moon! ;D

~ Friday {Today} was abit awkward to me. Girl stuff. Nuff` said.

~ Last but not least, I got No.5 in class 2A! Whoop Whoop! Just like the fragrance Chanel No.5! LOL. I finally beat some people who I call "Smarties"! OH YEAH! Next stop.. No.1! Hopefully, if I believe that I will get it. xD

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