1 Lil' Activity can Lead to a WHOLE LOT of MISCHIEF!

Activity : Cooking (Pizza, Fruit Salad, Tea)
Activists mentioned : Me xP, Nadia, Shasha, Anna
Day / Date / Time : Monday / 06.07.09 / First two periods

OK, so I brought lots of stuff, mainly some fruits and cloths. And it`s obvious. Me, carrying a big Tesco plastic bag with an overly-heavy bagpack (got textbooks inside, not nuff hands!) had to go through a crowd of people in order to sit down in the 2A row. But actually I can just U-turn but dunnoe why, this stupid school don`t let me since last week. Huh :P

First we made the pizza. When I was squeezing the sauce out of the plastic, it accidentally.. PLUPS! Nadia was the cutting the apples at that time, facing the right side of me. And so.. some saucy stains were stuck at her baju kurung!! I cleaned it, but it got even WORSE - It`s like.. she has period stains! :S

And I also kotorkan teacher`s glove that`s use for holding hot freshly-from-the-oven trays .. with the EVIL yet YUMMY sauce that DEFECTS Nadia`s baju kurung. Yikes! Some more, I washed it so it`s wet now. Got scolded also! :/

I deserve that anyway. For not helping Mum in th kitchen xP

The salad & tea was fine, nothing spilled. Just that.. I didn`t do much. Shasha helped me.. ALOT. Oh well. Not much fun though just washing dishes..

Anyway, after teacher took the pizza out of the oven, I WAS SO EXCITED! - And stupid. I go and touched that HOT tray with my bare finger and was like.. OW, OW, OUCH! THAT HURTS! (Better just to touch, I was planning to take it to the table. Foolish action!)

Almost everyone was starring at me. Anna didn`t really notice, she thought I was Nadia! LMAO. She told me later that she also thought "Nadia`s really clumsy.." but when she turned, she saw me! "OMG"

Then MASA MAKAN. My favourite part. ^^
When I was enjoying my pizza, teacher suddenly screamed "Ke tepi, ke tepi, semua KE TEPI!"
What the..? Thought it was lipas or something. UGH. But it was WORSE.

Got RETAKAN on the floor! One side was up, one was down. Like a slide thingie. Hope none of this ever happened again, Amin.

I learned a very valuable lesson, too - I tried my best, so just accept the results. Kinda. lol


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