A Day w/o K.

Kanjana, I mean. My deskmate.
Anyway, gonna tell you what happened at school when the majority went to KLCC, enjoying themselves!

Before recess, we answered a Personality Quiz, held by a counselor. Quite interesting, I admit. I am a "Gold" ! Sounds funny, right? But I don`t really have the characteristics. What I remember, golds like traditional stuff, caring, time is gold, bla bla bla.. Which is, not normally me. & I kept shaking my head! lol

Plus the teacher told stories and stuff about Mat Rempit, etc. & she kept talking for 2 hours! WHOA! ;D
She must drink a lot, I assume!

The bad thing is, sometime before recess ---> No electricity. :/
But I don`t care, at least I`m close to the door. So I get natural angin! Better! :)

Oh yeah, after recess, we joined 2C. We did our own stuff at first & during the last 2 periods we went to the COMPUTER LAB! Bebas!! Sadly no Internet, haiyaa... :S

Angel & me just played solitare, the card game, pinball etc etc etc.

It was a pretty good day. Wasn`t boring, OK?? (:

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