The EEKS(!) of My Life

Usually you hear The Love of My Life but it`s different now.
I will try to spend only 15 mins on this.


When I reached school at 12.55pm I was tahan AGAIN (!) because I was late for that NILAM thingie. Puh-lease.. IT`S JUST READING. Mind you people!

First we read out loud at the hot tapak perhimpunan & then we kutip sampah around the school. Seems like I was the only 'hardworking' one. Pre-dictable.

Late for KH ERT - Teacher was busy teaching an IMPORTANT topic - I missed it. DANG!


I`ve got a new maid. Siti Wahyuni. Hope we can relate to each other :)


GEO folio isn`t even half-way finish! UGH. UGH. UGH.


"Ya Allah, please.. make my day tomorrow. Please make tomorrow perfect for me. Please let me pass up my GEO folio on time.. Amin!"

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