The "Health-Thingie" Presentation!

Long time no writin`! It feels.. empty :(


Got English presentation about health thingie today, as stated above. At first o, I feel so uncomfy cause I don`t really know Lyn & her gang. I felt like an outsider. But in the end it`s all good :)

I feel guilty, cause I`m mostly the one who give out the ideas. Its like I never gave them the chance to give out THEIR ideas much. Sorry, guys! What a complete "leader wannabe" I am. NOT.

On the bright side I feel very happy, this is the first time I did a project w/o Anna. B-R-A-V-E. I faced the challenge.. and I succeed! WHOOP-WHOOP! :D

Lyn was so funny when she present it to the class - She did this pow pow thing, I think. I wasn`t focus cause I was busy changing turns anyway. That`s one more thing memorable to me! We stand up in a line facing the class, after one person`s turn finished that person have to go to the very back of the line. Its so funny like a game! Haha ;D

Lyn some more say we deserve the MOST HUMOUR AWARDS. I was cracking up! Well, its HERS anyway. Congrats!

Oh yes. I asked LK why people call her that. Her answer was "SECRET". That made me want to find out more.. But I`ll try not to. I won`t butt in everyone`s life. No, I won`t. Yes, I won` won`t?? lol


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