I`m Loving It! <3

Are you talking to ME, lil kitty witty?? :)
Well HELLO then!

Today could probably be my BEST DAY yet.

---> My Mum didn`t see Mrs M for the report card last Saturday so she met her today. Some time later, when I was busy betul-ing my tudung at the surau, Mrs M showed up.. right behind me! I was like..OMG. Then I faintly greeted her with a `hi`. She looked at me, and smiled. Like something`s going on. And I couldn`t help myself but to smile back in confusion?! Lols.

---> All day, I could actually relate to my friends! Whoa. That`s like an achievement for me! I`m soo proud of myself! :) Maybe this second semester I`ve changed a bit, who knows?! :)

---> Having AG for 4 lessons which equals to 2 hours 20 mins is pretty tiring. Plus my leg hurts a bit caused of sitting too long. The teacher some more stated "Ustazah pun dah muak tengok kamu semua.." wth? Though I think she`s kidding, which is GOOD. :))

---> This is the funniest part. At recess 2 of my friends (with me also) came back from the canteen to the near-the-school-gate hut to fill up orders (?) which is like sandwiches only. That`s all. Quite easy, not much a problem. BUT the problem was HOW were we going to hide the sandwiches from the prefects` eagle-like sight. We did this trick before, and never got caught! SMART. We hide them under our tudungs (which is fakely like nasyid singers or something, lol) , or in pockets, books (pretend to read `em) etc. Naughty girls.. hehe~

---> Oh yeah. I found out I`ll sit with a Chinese girl instead starting next week. Mum told me that Mrs M wanted to change K & mine`s sitting places cause we are "terlalu mesra" together! But isn`t that a good thing?!

P.S. I can still FIT into my 7 year old sis` below knee-length dress! SO it becomes a mini-dress for me! And I just love mini dresses! <3

Overall it`s a nice day. SO... Be.. HAPPY! ^_^

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