Inspired by : Anna Sui

Now this is another segment ~ I design some clothings, actually patterns ~ on Stardoll using the Stardesign function and I`ll display here. The purpose of this is to improve my stardesign skills and to make it a practice for my upcoming career :)

Maybe I`ll sell it through the Starbazaar when I`m a superstar :D
That`d make tons of money ... for S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! hehehe~


I am a fan of Anna Sui, and as her niece Isabelle Sui says "I love Anna`s clothes because they`re rock `n` roll, but elegant." in teenVouge`s Aug 08 issue. And I have to agree with her :)

The inspiration :

The Designer :

The Inspired Designs :

I added my own touch, especially on the dresses - and personally, I <3 them! Not forgetting the 50-50 tee!

Before we end this session, If you don`t mind, type in your thoughts and tell me. I won`t bite. xD

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