Kena Denda! :(

This week moi came late to school ... 3 TIMES!! Late for that useless NILAM programme.. huh.
The 1st day just 10 mins late came to class. 2nd time = 35 mins late. 3rd time = 15 mins late. Boohoohoo.. :(

So.. what`s the punishment?
Stand at the tapak perhimpunan.
READ OUTLOUD. I was screaming you know!
Then only could go to class, depending on your LOUD-liness.

What ler this school..

What I like about this? Only 1 thing - I get to re-read Mr Midnight`s The Girl Next To Me Is a Witch story and I get to improve my English pronounciation. Hehe :)

Besides that, I`m also badly embarrassed. Yesterday the first period was BM, and Pn Mazlina was there. Today the first period was also her time. SO .. =.=


Will balik kampung soon (Perak). Will finish up GEO folio there also :)

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