Past Projects :)

My first steps in the blogging world. Still crawling, just .. to get up here. It was a painful experience; it didn`t really turned as I hope `em to be. I once created a mini-magazine, which lasted only two issues. Before that, I tried on other websites, too. And the most previous; I made a fashion blog which I co-own it with my sister. Oh well, there`s many lessons from that.

My first trial. Didn`t turned out so good. Not even finished! But I`m still lovin` the layout! Haha :P


Second trial. Got a few feedback. Feels good about that :)
But later I stopped cause I was busy. I started this in May 08.


Latest one! All about Muslim fashion. Got lots of followers, but eventually I stopped in March. I also dunnoe why. I`m planning to restart it again, with my sis.

I`m guessing you`re asking : Why didn`t you just DELETE these?
Surprise..surprise. I want it to be.. memories :)

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Sanaa said...

well maybe..the next one would work. Never stop dreaming.

I think it's cool to have your very own magazine.