Sort of.. FUNNY??

OK, so this is about Wednesday. The 3rd day of the week. GET IT?!

Anyway, the class teacher returned, and she told us about the operation she had undergo. During those dreadful times, she cannot sit or even lay down! I pity her so.. On the bright side, she`s recovering & I`m happy about that! :)

I`m not gonna talk about that actually, but just as an intro! So.. OK. Anna (K) reported to Mrs M that I, we, cannot see the blackboard because we sat at the very back of the class, paling hujung. So just imagine. Terrible. :/

Mrs M changed our places by the rule - The first two rows & the last two rows exchange places & the middle sitters (lol) stay where they are. But I`m not really liking this idea. Cause I sat really infront, the most infront spot.. EVER! So I`ll most likely become the teachers` victim. Poor me... :S

The girls & boys were fighting of WHO WILL SIT UNDER THE FAN AREA... And they did the battle with the `Osom` game. Hahaha. 1 team , girl wins. 1 team, boy wins. Confuzzled, much?! o.O

Good thing though, it just lasted that day. We were in cofusion at the first place (today). So I sat at the new place but when I noticed everyone changed back, malu lah sikit. Oh malu...malu. Tapi still nak act `cool`. Lol. My orii place feels homey btw, with the breeze & stuff. xD

The teacher had another surprise for us. Now, she wanted us to sit by another new rule - according to the POSITION IN CLASS, based on the latest exam yet. No. 1, sits with No. 41 & it keeps coming backwards. So since I got No.5, I have to sit with No. 37. And oh boy, isn`t he an annoying dude.. :/

That`s all for today! See you soon! :)

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