Places, Wins.. Whatever!

Mostly this is about school cause HELLO?! I spend 3 parts of my life there! Other than that .. just TV, Homework, Internet, SLEEP. Lol

Teacher change our places! SEPARATED from Anna.. Hua hua hua x(
But Lyn (See, I`m calling your nickname! :)) is very friendly, so OK lah. I`m sure everyone`s not satisfied, OK.. Maybe some do. But the teacher is always the `BOSS`.

Today got a ceramah kesihatan mulut at school. Dunnoe why, this time it`s really interesting! I answered a question correctly and got a 5 piece in a pack of Wrigley`s Sugar Free Gum. But I forgot laa.. Winners have to choose some 2 other friends and play a game at the end. But I tarik diri...

1. Not enough BFF. Only Anna. :(
2. Not in the mood.
3. Forgot got game.

I also kept denying to my blur friends that it was another person who LOOKED, TALKED, WALKED like me. But they`re not buying it! Dang. Also got 1 extra gum, during PJK -- Did a group project about stress. So YES, I admit. I was.. the `one`.


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