Currently I love role playing.. at the yes-you-know-what-dolly-website -- STARDOLL! :D
There`s 1 place to do that - In the club Lawrence_High, owned by my awesome friend Brit! I believe its the BEST yet. Cause some other clubs are so inactive, which is so boring. And some over-active clubs, which is too crowded for me and you can`t really get to know the characters!

Well, let me start off with my character : Zara Mohamad (fake name, for sure).
She`s the total opposite of the RL me.
She`s mixed of many Asian races.
Friendly, Modern, Fashionable, & thankfully she`s got good friends there (Adri, Jojo, Alex - also roleplaying characters).
Youngest of 3, big sisters named Steffi (19) & Aimee (17).
She lives with her Auntie & sisters in NYC (I think) while her parents (Mohamad, Wardina) is at Hong Kong atm doing their business.
She`s kinda popular, some people know her while lots of people don`t! lol

I guess that`s about it. I wish I was really like Zara. Trust me, she has a WAAAY better life than me, except that parents thing tho. hehe~

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