Hari Kantin/Kokurikulum.

First time I come to school on Saturday this year! Haha. xD
The main aim [that kinda rhymes!] is to take pics for my History project.
I was really scared I`ll be walking alone the whole day. Good thing I got my friends, well at least I still have Fs!

Anyways. After the speech stuff & the giving-out-the-prizes-period, there were some really interesting performances -- Orchestra, singing, traditional dancing, etc etc etc.

The Talentime was GREAT. The winners SO deserve it. It`s even better since this over-active guy becomes the host!

Mum gave me RM15, but I spent only RM5 throughout the whole morning. Lol

I took some pics, but the I`ve only snapped 1 pic of the teacher. The other teacher - Well, I assume she didn`t come :(

Finally I got to see the GERMAN GIRL with my own eyes! It`s obvious isn`t it? She`s the only blondie there :D


Now Dad`s saying he can`t print out the pics from my phone! ARGHH.. But he said he will try..


syazwi-aljabri said...

Fia, u sekolah kat st.mary ke?

Afia [Shh.] said...

Nope. German girl tu exchange student yg 1st. :)

syazwi-aljabri said...

So, which school did you go?

Afia [Shh.] said...

Somewhere in Selangor.. Shah Alam.. Puchong. Opps too much info?! Haha, nahh.