"Hugs n kisses"

Let`s talk about the "x- hugs".
Through my observation I found out 3 common types of hugs.

1. Mother-daughter, Father-son, Father-daughter, Mother-son hug. Lets just keep it simple -- FAMILY HUGS! xD

When your family (especially Mum) hugs you, it makes you feel calm no matter how old you are, and you`ll miss it even more when you`re off to college etc. I know I do.

2. Husband-wife, Boyfriend-girlfriend hug.

You know, where they put their arms around the neck. Makes me wanna PUKE!

*Sorry no pics. I think it`s inappropriate*

3. BFF Hugs.

These girls are soo cute, aren`t they? Reminds me of the Princess & the Pauper, but mini-version. lol

Tell me if I missed out anything. Tx.

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SteffiH0 said...

Aww, thanks a lot for the infos, Fia :D