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I`m SO in the mood for posting now, even while babysitting my sisters / watching a "stopped" tv. lol Just sit tight, and listen up!

OK, let me start with English class -- SO weird, but FUN. The teach` even brought her own stuffies like some food packaging [expired ones! lol] and most importantly.. PERFUMES! Ahh she has so many! I`m jealous -.-

There`s this Dior one, Avon one & a nice purple coloured one -- But they all STINK , I almost wanna VOMIT. Just imagine that! The middle class perfume is in some bottle, I think red; it smells like my shampoo! Really. The nicest smell & by far my favourite is the One Drop Perfumes. I want them now :]

I like English class today and for the first time, I know WHY.
1. Nice teacher :]
2. Fab topic to talk about - Wise Choices - Mostly related to SHOPPING!
3. The perfumes, AHH. She even let us use a bit of it!
4. No homework :P

Ahh YES, she also story-story to the class that she has her own blogshop selling brooches & kuih raya. I felt really happy knowing that I will find new shops on the net. Plus, she`s my teacher. I should support her and stuff; IF I have any money :(
She also didn`t give the url, oh well.

About Anna, today wasn`t really her "lucky day", I can see that. She`s got many ups and downs today, -PRIVACY- , if you don`t mind :]
She also brought her cam, and many others too including Alicia & ZY just to name a few. Obviously, SEJARAH FOLIO. Think, think, think..

OK, since half of the class didn`t come today, we were SO happy. Well, at least I think we are! Some teachers didn`t teach [not enough population, ha] & some didn`t even come.. SO not much homework.. and stuff. Haha.

Science is a pleasant subject. Wanna know why? Today we did a "colourful" experiment, - blue, pink, green, purple-ish, turqoise, yellow - Just name it! But our group was the last one to finish, hua hua :P

Anyways. These 3 over-excited boys accidentally tasted alkaline, NOT neutrals as they were supposed to. As you can guess, they ran to the sinks and drank up tap water, to "neutralize" the alkali in their body. Haha, it was damn funny larh! Lots of people laugh or some just smile, hiding their laughs [that`s me :]] ..

Now I still have two soal selidik, still yet to be filled in. Actually I should only interview 6, but I did 7. I want EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA marks. lol This Sejarah teacher is really melencholic [You wouldn`t understand; it`s not MELON]. All that`s left is the penjaga tandas & KH teach`.

"Ya ALLAH, please let me accidentally or purposely meet up with the KH teach and penjaga tandas tomorrow - before, during or after school. Let me have the courage to ask them. Let me have the forms with me at that time. Just show me the way, I know you will. Let me finish getting all the important deets before I go home tomorrow. Let my plan to bring my camera phone to school tomorrow a success, without getting caught. I don`t have camera, and I see that`s the only way. Please Ya Allah. AMIN."

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syazwi-aljabri said...

Insyaallah, u will meet the teacher and the toilet guard, amin.