There Comes A Time When..

1. You tripped, fell, and hurt yourself but no one is there to support you
2. You tried to be someone else.. someone COOL but it`s no use
3. You tried to be your wacky self, but they still don`t accept you
4. You played with them, but alas you get ignored completely
5. Every time you want to voice out something, they act like 'whatever'
6. You`re afraid people will compare you to someone in a bad way
7. You`ve got nothing else to talk about with other people and you`re scared they`d leave you because you`re SO boring
8. You feel so depressed and you wanna die now, right now
9. You feel sad that people think you`re stuck up, when you`re not
10. You feel that you`re nothing but a piece of rubbish

1. You feel thankful to God for blessing you with people who sees your true self
2. You feel so grateful knowing you have complete body parts to do stuff properly
3. You feel happy you`re getting good results
4. You can actually relate to your friends and teachers
5. You`re really determine to achieve your goal(s)
6. You`re happy for other people when they`re happy
7. You motivate yourself when you`re feeling down
8. You like to be you, the orii one
9. You do good deeds without you knowing
10. People smile at you, and you feel happy that they actually have the guts to do so

If you`re smart, you`ll know that all this is a part of me.

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