This Is Just Vain.

H1N1 sucks -- Today only 15 people came, outta 42 people! 2C is even worse - only 5 people. What ler.. I think I know what`s up :

1. Sick students [flu, fever, cough etc]
2. Parents don`t allow [scared of H1N1]
3. Students take the chance to ponteng.. I think this one`s a winner! :P

Well anyways. We didn`t learn much today apart from helping the teachers.. I know, I`m different & more helpful now. Blah I`m just perasan :P

When I got the guts to interview the headmistress, she "go home" already. Sigh. On the bright side, I got the toilet guard`s bio! *YAY*
She`s friendly, that made it easier :]

Hm. Before I go home, I quitely & secretly took out my long-term cameraphone from hideout [bag] and snapped some photos of my school. I better polish my photography skills, they`re kinda bad. I also think I should`ve took them from other angles. Yeah, I broke some school rules.. So WHAT? I did it for the love for my school! xP


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