1st Time This Ramadan - HAPPIE :D

Occassion : Buka Puasa
Venue : Palace of Golden Horses, MINES
Time : Around 7+ to 9.30pm
Date : 17|09|09 

It was a long, long way to the eating spot [what do you call 'it' again?]. We sorta got lost! LOL At first I wasn`t really "thrilled" or "ex-ci-ted". Moody, tbh.

My outfit is a total disgrace.
I prefer eating at home. 
We came LATE. I don`t like being LATE. 
Yeahh.. that`s about it.

Anyways. There`s many choices of food to choose from - Western, Malay .. whatever else. For the main coarse [Chewahh] I ate steamed rice with daging kicap, ayam goreng berempah & um, buttered crab legs? (;

Not much, but yummy - especially the legs! LOL Oh, btw, I despise veggies! =.= After Maghrib prayer went back to eating again.

2nd MENU ...
Vanilla + Chocolate + Cookies ice cream;
Spicy chicken soup [tastes like the one from Ayam Penyet];
Some keropok ikan;
Summore buttered crabs LOL;

I wish I could`ve ..
Eaten more, it costs RM80 / head :O
Finished my crab legs - They were waiting for me, A-L-O-N-E.
Tried the "vibration experiment". [To shy to try in public]
More mannerism.
More photos.

Eventually I become HAPPY & TALKATIVE -- You ain`t seeing me like that at school =.=
P.S. The 'vibration experiment' is something my sibs learnt from Backyard Science. I`ll try to upload the video soon, ohkay? (:

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