Awesome Movies ;D

Hello people! :D
I`m guessing it would be too long to talk about Raya atm. Plus I`m outta words. Sorry. I`ll just post some pics later.

Last night, my Mum`s cousins came to visit. After salam I went to my Granny`s room to watch some telly. And wouldn`t you know it, I was watching SUMOLAH! Awesome, man! Damn funny larh !  

It`s about a poor guy, Ramlee`s [Afdlin Shauki] strong determination to win an amateur SUMO contest held by all the famous sushi shops in M`sia. His opponent; is Phua Chu Kang. Wakaka! But he looked tres` cool in the movie without the mole .. hehe. And then this other sumo wrestler in Ramlee`s team, is so skinny. Haha, imagine that! Can see his bones also. 

*shooks head*
Perasan je lebih.

When I saw this poster, SHOCKER :O Movie lama rupanye. Oh well.

And  around 12 today, I watched another movie on Prima - Pak Ngah Tarbus. About a couple who makan riba`. E.g. Someone borrowed from you RM100 but you ask him to pay back RM120. 
But the son [starring Ahmad Zaidansyah] is very good. It`s very touching lah so to say. 


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