B-day Shopping.

I just came back from shopping! :DD
Went with my 2 Aunties ... 


It started when I showed the blouse that I wanted from Irenelim Fashion. Most of my fam`s reaction was like ;
"Looks like dalmation prints! HAHA." - Uncle
"U wanna wear it for bedtime ??" - Dad
"Are you sure? How do you know it fits you, huh? Satin is very panas you know.." - The Women of the Family 

Then my Auntie suggested we go to a boutique called First Lady & there`s many gorgeous ones -- WAAY better than my most-wanted blouse. Yeah right!  HINT : It`s my Grandma`s favourite shop. Can imagine, right?? :P

We left the shop & headed for the rest. The rest was way better & modern & totally my style :D 

I ended up buying 2 blouses & 1 hoodie-jacket from 2 shops .. all in 1 go! [It`s the first time I bought that many clothes; well apart from school-uniform shopping larh.] Like RM140+ just for ME. Gosh, I feel so bad about it cause` I used my Auntie`s money =.=
 My auntie chose a hippie-kinda blouse. Well; it`s HER style.

In conclusion; they said it was my "birthday present". They remove the price tag & everything else. But I still need some innerwears cause all the clothes are short-sleeves one.

Hmm. I still want that blouse from Irenelim Fashion. I really really want it. I`ll use my duit raya ;) I don`t care what everyone else says.


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