Done && Done!

Wanna know what I`m talking about?! -- SEJARAH FOLIO! It`s now safe & sound in Teacher`s hand. I`m soo proud of myself. FINALLY, I passed up a folio right ON TIME! ;D

Well technically, I`ve never done that before. Last time it was 2-3 days overdue. I know, EMBARRASSING MUCH? Especially when you`re in A Class. People stare at you, even if you did the littlest mistakes!

Anyways, to Steffi : WHOOP-WHOOP to you too! FOLIOS are out of our lives.. at least for now :D


YAY! Today ZY brought her old diary so I can read it! She`s a really good writer & she can`t help using - in every sentence! Seriously! It`s kinda cool. I mean you see that in every issue of Mr Midnight - Yeah, I`m a fan :)


I miss being innocent & my don`t-care-attitude. I had `em in kindergarten. It was nice when you don`t care what people say about you.. or whatever.. I`M MISSING THE OLD MOI! >:(
Come Back Please..


Finally I revealed my true identity to one of the blogs that I snoop on. I`m a snooping snooper! - and a great one at that! Except when someone 'privates' their blog. So... cannot larh :(
And, she seemed surprised! :O

I wonder if I should reveal my identity. If I do, people may private their blogs [This is for VERY SENSITIVE people] but this blog owner is very `sporting`. CLUE : HER NAME IS 'JING'.

To be honest, I don`t really mean to snoop. Just... finding out what my friends or not-yet-actual-friends think about school, & music, & people.. & stuff. Nothing wrong with that, right? But sometimes, I do feel guilty. Huh.



SteffiH0 said...

Haha, I'm flattered 'cos u mentioned my name. Aww...

Cheers ;) .x

Afia [Shh.] said...

Haha :D