God Help Me Now . !

Today I was so scared. Need to pass up Sej notes or not. Only did 6.1 So malu ler.. Lucky me teacher didn`t check! Yay! Hopefully teach remembers forgot all about it tomorrow, and tomorrow again. So I can finish it during Raya holidays! Oh how exciting! =)
Is it true.. I`m a NERD?! Anna told me that "someone" thinks I`m a NERD. Pfft so dumbo one larh that person. If only he knows the real me, I`d be voted the laziest. Oh yeahh. =.=
Oh, Anna cut her hair -- ugly. Sorry, but true. But that inspired me to cut my hair short too! Weird isn`t it? LOL Again I`m so happy, my group didn`t have time to present the Phantom in class. Whee~ Just in time for recess :D
PSS during BM time. It was nice chatting with teach, Anna & Chan. 3 races in 1 row. GO 1 MALAYSIA! Hahah.
Err, if you wanna buy good clothes, but dunnoe where, check out irenelim.com/fashion! It`s awesome man! I really wanna buy this white long blouse, so CUTE. But, RM75! :O No worries, I can tell Dad it`ll be my b-day gift, nothing else! Hopefully Dad approves! ;)

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