Ha.. Haha.. Hahaha!

I`ve always loved my Mum`s clothes. They`re so stylish, and it fits me! Eventhough it`s a bit loose. But I still like `em! :D
One of `em is a sleeveless maroon maxi dress with white-black floral prints! I think it`s made of cotton cause` it`s comfy. It`s so lovely, I want it soo badly. Unfortunately she can still fit in :( Haha I`m so bad :P and, and.. it`s slightly above my ankle so cannot wear outside ler..

If you read my previous post about soon-going-to-the-optometry-but-dunnoe-when, I got ready to go. And I experimented with this particular maxi dress. Heehee~

The first outfit was my MAIN outfit. A maroon-pink long sleeves top + black gypsi-styled skirt. I thought "Gosh this is so typical of me.."

So I added the maxi dress on top to give it a layered look [#2 pic]. I kept the skirt cause as I`ve said it before, it`s above my ankle. Anyways. Mum commented "Eh.. tak cantik lah.."
I gotta sorta agree with her. It does look a bit tacky, though..

So on to my next attempt. I tucked the maxi dress in the skirt and the top is still underneath the maxi dress [#3 pic]. Mum "Cantik jugak." Sis "Eee.. tahapehape [entah apa-apa].. Pakai seluar lagi OK.."

Usually 'tuck-ins' are for work attire. So I followed my sister`s recommendation. I chose my black slack pants. And now I`m typing this, wearing it :D

P.S. Sorry for the tacky-ness of the set. I was in a hurry, ok?


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