i Have 4 Eyes :D

I`ve had my histories with glasses, most of `em are like broken this, broken that. I`m just not cut out to wear glasses, OK?!

I started wearing them since I was 11, now I`m [almost] 14! And I`ve had more than 5 glasses, YES.
Currently only 2 works, and now both of `em are rosak already thanks to my uncaringness [is that even a word?!].
Ohkay, the list & deets :

1. Maroon-colour spectacles
- Contains enough power
- The teeny-tiny screw on the left part of the frame hilang already. So the left lense always fall.

2. Yellowish Beige spectacles
- Short of power
- Older than specs #1
- Frameless; the right tangkai always tercabut, maybe not strong enough anymore. Have to put put put again.

Mum & I planned to go the optometry today - either Menara; Mydin or England; Giant. But now`s almost 6! Mum`s still cooking and we need to buka puasa around 7. Drats. Maybe can go tomorrow. But dunnoe can finish when. Maybe today x jadi. Oh well. But I got ready already! :(

Haizz.. The most memorable experience was during the camp that I attended at Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Langat when I was Standard 6, I think.. Right before jungle trekking, my specs got lost in the toilet. This one`s case is one tangkai tercabut, even though it`s not-frameless. I missed it. It made me look like a granny! Lol.

So anyways during jungle trekking, I cannot see well, right? So I was just happy-happy trekking in the jungle and rivers. I didn`t even got bitten by the pacat & stuff! Whoa so HAPPY :]
I guess that`s the benefit of loosing my specs, to make me not think negatively. Heehee~
I pity Nadia though, she was the FIRST person to get bitten.


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