It`s No Big Deal!

OK, yes this month I`m fasting. And yeahh probably you guys should hide your water bottles under your tables. But when you drink near me, then you say "Sorry ya!" or something like that. It`s no big deal -- You are just drinking! I can stand that.


Since the new mosque has been opened, and my school is very near to it, we hear the Azan everyday. As a muslim, I have to respect 'it' cause it`s a prayer calling. Muslim teachers stops the classes for awhile when there`s azan, like 3-4 mins. My KH ERT teach respects it too, even though she`s a non-muslim. SO okayla.

The problem IS.. When I`m in class, as the Muslim minority, the other people just don`t care. Yes I understand you guys are non-muslims but puh-lease.. talk quitely! Not so loud!

And what makes me really angry.. is this Geo teach. She was boringly teaching us a topic and suddenly this azan comes, and wouldn`t you know it? She just carries on with the class! How disrespectful! >:(

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