A Must-Read!

A LOT of things happened today. I simply dunnoe where to start! I guess I`ll talk about school stuffs ;)

Day of Puasa @ School;
Day to go home at 5.30pm;
Day to sit beside Anna;

I`m sure most of ya are sad or happy inside. Me too :( But it was a BLAST and it was WORTH it!
Bola Baling mission, Bola Baling mission..!! was all in mind when I arrived at school. I searched for the AJKs to get their ICs. At first I found 2 persons only. Then during BM went out with Anna to search summore. OHKAY, 1 girl transferred clubs [What a relief!], 1 girl was absent, & 1 boy forgot his IC [wth?!]

TIRED maa.. Go up go down only got 1 person`s IC. But.. what can I do?! Pass up to teach` in hope she`ll understand! Yeah that`s what I did, thank God ;)

Oh ya, during BI lesson we discussed about movies, especially horror ones. AHH Chan tells the scariest stories - EVER! I`m scared :S Anna`s supporting her.. Woots !! Besides we talked about fave movies & such. Funniest; Chan just can`t be separated from Titanic - How romantic -- NOT! Yadidadida! Haha :D

So great didn`t learn Geography today! Teach` just BLABS all the way! :))
Science class is really weird. Blackouts come &go like 3+ times. Wow. Something must be wrong with the school`s techni stuffs! We did some experiments too,  magnetic ones. But it just didn`t work! LOL

To end this post, I`d like to dedicate this to the ones who wished me Happy Raya -- THANKS! Friends, teachers.. You guys just made my day! YOU ROCK! :)
Yet I`m so sorry, I should`ve said Happy Holidayz in return, but I just replied with a simple TQ. How .. not-smart!
Weirdly enough; otw going down the stairs, one random Indian guy wished me Happy Raya. I was like "Who are you talking to huh, mamat?!" I turned back, and seemed like I was the only Muslim. Oh well!

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