Raya - Shopping .

Hey :]
Did it at Tesco - yesterday. Seriously this year`s trends are so crowded with the beads and stuff. I chose a simple turqoise Baju Kurung with beads at the neckline, sulam at the sleeves and bottoms, and barely-noticable patterns. Haha I`m a simple girl :D

I also bought a grey cardi, it`s so comfy and not to mention CHEAP - RM30! What a bargain!

My fam also bought their raya clothes. My other sibs just bought casual clothes cause their old baju raya are still in good condition. Mum picked a dark blue Baju Kurung, so we can march together :D
Dad wasn`t with us, he went "tayar shopping" LOL.

I accidentally bumped into my Maths teacher -- Oops! I was shocked , what should I do, or say..? Ugh so malu ler.. and I met her daughter too, which is my old school friend ;)

Got some memorable things too - and I mean BAD ones. OK, we buka puasa at KFC, yummy food but I simply hate the counter. Eventually you`ll understand what I mean at the end of this session. My slack pants is very long, AKA I`m not tall enough. It`s floor length, get it? And I was wearing my fave pair of black flats.

After eat eat eat Mum told me to take the cup covers so I did. But then I noticed the bottom of the counter was wet and water was bertakung. So kena my slacks & shoes! Dammit! Sabar, sabar .. it`s Ramadhan. I thought "Oh just water, nevermind" but later I smelled something like muntah. Grr... So I cannot solat o.. cause muntah is considered najis in Islam.

In the car I was stomping my feet & complain complain complain. It goes something like this : APE LAH KFC NI! BUDAK TAK GUNA SAPE SURUH PERGI MUNTAH! DAH BUSUK ORANG LAIN YANG KENA MANA BOLEH SOLAT! TAK BOLEH TAK BOLEH!!!

I was MAD, really mad. I turned moody since then. After go home only can wash. I can`t even enjoy the food at Ayam Penyet Restaurant [Daddy wanted to eat there]! The soup was so nice too bad I didn`t enjoy it. GRR.. >:(


OK, now`s the GOOD part but slightly SAD. We solat Terawih at a newly-built mosque - Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin AKA Masjid Besi, Putrajaya which seemed like a big shopping complex! MashaALLAH the mos beautiful mosque I`ve ever seen in my entire life! See for yourself :

Very sad though, I cannot solat there cause you know, the KFC thingie. I regretted not bringing my hp there or else I could`ve taken the pics. These ones are from googly Google. On th bright side, I explored the mosque with my younger sibs [Duh, I don`t have any older ones, anyway] apart from looking after them, ha.There was a fountain, a garden, and very spacious! Wowwie! I played with my sisters, being a bit childish, I suppose. We were very naughty and nutty, washing our feet at the fountain. It`s ticklish :]

Later I realized. If I`m mad at KFC, at the child [I assume it`s a child who muntah-ed]... that means I`m mad at God. I`m not. So I shouldn`t be mad. Ditakdirkan seluar & kasutku akan kotor semalam. Gotta redha.

Alhamdullilah for making me realize that Ya Allah :]

This is the END... This is the END.
Bye :)

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