Shout Outs !!


I`d like to dedicate this space for imp. messages that I need to get across ;

Alicia @ Lyi :  Isn`t it just weird ..? Online; we often talk to each other either at your blog or mine but offline; we are like pfftt .. strangers ?! Eventhough you`re just sitting behind me. Umm, yep! Felt weird today .. But anyways, thanks for dropping by my bloggie once in awhile & for spamming my chatbox :DD

Angelina @ Linaaah : You want your kuih raya ? Gimme duit raya 1st! Haha, jk jk :P  I`ll just see what I have. I can give it to you during PJK tomorrow! -- Maybe! Just in case; you prefer crunchy or soft cookies ?? & Thanks for the convos in the chatbox! :D

Iffah @ N.I.A. : IFA!! TQ sebab wish me Happy B'day ; baca blog ni sekali-sekala (ingat tak yg RM140 tu? hehee) ; & sudi jadi kawan aku. Tapi .. nape tak join dlm chatbox ? Hmm. Kenapa ye ? && Selamat Hari Raya, sorry la kalau tersalah cakap ke .. ape2 ke OK? (:

Suzie : TQ bebanyak sebab wish me Happy B'day .! Aku rasa ko sorang je lah yg ingat tanpa di ingatkan (oleh ehem ehem) atau pun tengok buku biodata (macam Ifa =.=) .. Ingat jugak ko ye pasal convo kite dulu kat sekolah agama .. Tak sangka ah.!

Anna : Ahh. my bestie. TQ so much for everything; I`ll remember them always :) The good & bad times we went together .. Yeah. Remember "-ish" "-ish" ? Hahah that was funny. And I promise; to keep your secrets safe in my tummy :D I do wish you have a blog, though! Or maybe email .. ??

Steffi : Last but not least, online bestie Steff! You`re the reason I`m on Stardoll. I know - it`s your quote, I know.. :) Hope we can still be besties until whenever .. Maybe we meet each other in RL, sometime ? InshAllah. Just wanna say TQ for the support & everything, ily <3 God bless.

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