Uniknya Ramadan.

Never-before-done-scene of my balik kampung experience ;)


To start off, Eid Mubarak - to all you Muslims out there! I`m having a blast hope you guys are too :D

Alright. SHH! I`m gonna story-story now. It`s our first raya of balik kampung late at Raya eve! The last day of Ramadan; well, Dad sent for car repair around 3, then go back at 5.30 still not yet done! So we buka puasa first at a mamak restaurant - YUMM! Nasi briyani with kambing masala. Leleh air liur ni :P

Then we went home to send the Honda car; used the Naza car to go balik kampung! Started the journey - FINALLY! Weehee so fun!
Oh, one more thing. Otw there, Mum found out that both my hometowns [both in Teluk Intan, Perak] had blackouts. SHOCKER :O It`s Raya eve, man! SHEESH!

On reaching there, we took the chance to round-round Teluk Intan to see what other people are up to, somewhere at the  Jam Tinggi/Menara Condong [FYI, It`s like .., the Leaning Tower of Perak! LOL]. Wow so many people did last-minute shopping cause`got 50% off! 'nother SHOCKER :O I thought people were at home already sleeping or doing something for Raya!

The Leaning Tower .

We also accidentally met our relative. Anyways, they carried a rolled-up mat right? Mum mistaken it for lemang - the BIGGEST lemang we`ve ever seen! Haha, she must be craving for it or something .!

We arrived at Granny`s around 12am. Then we eat some more, even in the dark. Sleep also in the dark. Morning only got electricity maa.. Sigh. But it`s alright.

First day of Raya post coming soon! :D

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