I went to the optometry in Giant yesterday [Sunday]. At first o, I don`t want the Giant one cause` it`s Chinese based. [Don`t think negative -- I`m NOT racists!] I`m just scared I won`t be able to talk English & then people laugh at me.. Yeah like that`ll ever happen. But I have to cause it`s like 4 something already. Not nuff time for Mydin.

Good thing the worker there is very friendly. Thank God! :) I`ll be getting a new one, YAY! This one is half-frame one pink colour :D

It was just a meer 2 hour shopping - 1 in the optometry, 1 for groceries but I was already exhausted & almost wanna pengsan. AHH. Summore when I sat down to rest I saw baby lipas crawling from the Giant rack. EWWW.. Thank God I got my bro, he`s BRAVE enough to shhh! the lipas away. YAY! :D

Guess that`s all.

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