Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Alhamdulillah that :
#1 Sej teacher forgot about the notes! Yessiree! Hopefully she forgot about it tomorrow too!
#2 Anna sat beside me today . It was a blast talking to her! :D
#3 We actually presented the Phantom pretty well. Thanks to Lyn! *claps*
#3 Got my Maths book from Feli. Thanks!
#4 RAYA - RAYA - RAYA! Heehee~

Ohh, and now I have a new assignment related to Bola Baling. The co-curricular activities left us ages ago! Now only got tugas?? SHEESH! Some more I hardly talk to the other people.. Only Nadia is an 'expert'. But it`s OK, it`s challenging =)

I hope I can meet `em tomorrow, to take note of their IC. InshaALLAH, at that time I will have the green book & a pen with me, and they have time to fill it in, and.. and.. I can pass up to teach` on time! AMIN!

Wish me luck :3

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