Blogger Problemos// Pt.2 Closet Cleaning


This Last time blogger buat hal.
I can`t update my blog cause` .. the posting pages are were like so messed up! Maybe blogger was updating their service or something &this has NEVER happened before.

I felt like it was time for part 2 of my closet cleaning. The other day I just 'cleaned' 3 stacks of 6 stacks of clothes.. and ya know what I found ??

- Maybe my long sleeves tees aren`t lengthy enough anymore. BUT! Most of their sleeves are longer than the tee-body itself; so I guess they`ll be my FREE innerwears in abundance! Haha. Ranging from white to yellow; hot pink to blue.. and so on. I just need black ones now, yeah.

- My FREE SIZE pajama-dress & pajama top is still quite big. And I`ve noticed the top can be used as a vest somehow! Who cares what other people think; at least I got a FREE 'vest' :D

- I`m still quite slim. *blushes* Meaning I can still fit into my clothes years ago !

- My old Baju Kurungs; well, I can use `em as night gowns, haha or maybe as a tunic !

- BEST PART; I actually own some branded clothes! Like --> Abercrombie; GUESS; Oliver; Biella Italia; Disney etc. Honestly I don`t know some brands but at least they'`ve got brands. I don`t have to mourn if I see my Dad wearing his DKNY & Burberry shirts anymore :D

- WORST PART; Now my pants terkurang.  Hehe.  Have to add more trackbottoms && slack pants . (:


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