Dang It Maths! // Trendy, aye?

School, school.. of course. Nothing better than that. :D

I was embarrassing myself for FREE just cause` of one hard question involving .. 
oh, y`know .. MATHS?! I hate it when Mr Science cooperates with Miss Maths in some topics. 
GRR.. Curse you!

Ohkay, we had a "gotong-royong" in class today cause` some 
VIPs are coming for something tomorrow, idk. I think 3K?! Uhm, we weren`t doing much at first. 
Just goofing off! :D Then thanks to this "somebody-which-I-do-not-know-of" `s GREAT
IDEA to sign their b'days in people`s FREE SOME-TUITION`S BOOKLET (?) Which also has a calendar ! I think everyone did that, including me .

OH! I spot a new trend :D

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