"Do the Dance!" // Exam =[

I`m having some personal problems right now, 
which nobody knows except my family.. 
So, at times when I want to do *SOMETHING* using my two bare-hands (specifically nails)
I`ll remind myself OR Zira to remind me to "DO THE DANCE!" 
Haha, just a simple leg dance; moving from side to side to make me forget about it. 
&& it works! ;D


OMA (Oh My Allah)! Exam is coming so soon. 15 days. Die lor~ 
Haven`t even studied anything. Nada. Ohkay, gotta plan my strategy already. Hmm. 
I`ll guess I have to make the best of the time that I still have. Whenever I`m bored // free ; BOOKS. 
Gotta cut on my Internet usage. 
Use my free time in class to STUDY. 
Waiting for Mum to pick me up from school, STUDY. 
During P.E., STUDY. 
Try to finish all my homework on the day it was assigned. 
May Allah make it easy for me & guide me throughout.

InshALLAH I`ll do all the things mentioned. && I start studying early enough to finish memorizing & understanding ALL the facts & methods perfectly of the whole Form 1 & Form 2 Syllabus for 
ALL subjects - BM, BI, English, Maths, Science, KH, Agama, Geography, Sejarah

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