Don`t I Have a Lifee?

Quote of the Day
"Log Out and Have a Life Out There." - Unknown


I`ve been on the Internet 24/7! Gotta change that. Or else I`ll be lifeless anytime soon =.=
Plus, now`s the PMR holidays. YAY! Though I won`t be YAY-ing next year cause` .. I`m next! Woots !! Honestly I`m kinda missing school . But NOT Maths. Bear that in mind.

What I usual do online is Stardoll; browsing e-boutiques; Polyvore; reading friends` blogs; BLOGGING; & some random site-seeing. And if I watch TV, it`d be Sekar or something! *Sigh*

While in reality .. uhm. Just the basics, I guess??
I wanted to follow my Mum meeting her friend at Isetan - today. Tbh I`ve never been there.  Maybe I`ll get to buy something there ~? Did you guessed - clothes? WOW, you do know me ! (:

She replied 'No need lah. Maybe boring for you.' So ohkay, finee. I`ll stay at home with my bro. I seriously need a life booster. I should add friends. Yeah. That`s what I should do.


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