Experiment -- AGAIN! .x

I`ve planned this experiment for a long time already cause` frankly, my tudung doesn`t stay in place -- the PERFECT place -- all day long! It`ll last only for a few mins and I have to redo it again.

My experiment took place at SCHOOL -- Isn`t That The BOMB! I`ve switched my White Knitted Underscarf to a Black Silky-Cottony Underscarf with Awning. Personally, I think it looks much much better. But the effort to do that?? So hard lo~

 Let`s see if I still like it after the 2nd attempt (Next Tuesday). Or else I`ll stick with my old fashioned white one. I brought a spare one as well yesterday. Hmm. I`ve heard rumours that black ones are forbidden in school, but ... WHATEVER! No teacher has scolded me yesterday for that. So I`ll take it as LULUS ;D


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