Happy Happy Day =D

Dear Puan Tan, ... 
Next time, be more alert & stop being so BLURR. Cause, you are!
Well, She wore her necklace backwards & we noticed that, oh yes. Veeeeery funny. Summore a student already wrote "Puan Tan, your necklace :)" but she replied "Tak ada masalah!" LOL.
I think she hasn`t noticed it, yet. Ha ha. And when she turned back, or when she`s writing,
we laughed. "What? Awak tengok luaran saya saja.." 
Puh-lease. Don`t perasan laa..

Oh yeah! Puan Tan (again) asked the so-called "exchange student" from down under
Where`s Your Folio. He replied "With Cikgu Kavitha." Ha ha. Fyi, Cikgu Kavitha is the
Sejarah teach`, not Geo!

Moving on to Sivik. Well, I kinda like that subject apart from the whole politics thingie.
We did a pop quiz! Anyone who answers correctly may sit down. She should do this since
a loooooong time ago, right? F-U-N.

"Gimme gimme gum, GIMME GIMME GUM!" 
I always crack up when I hear that. It`s the theme song for our .. *looks around* 
English presentation tomorrow. Cool, huh? We invented something. Really useful for students. Not really "inventing" but planning. Won`t happen anyways. Haha.


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