I <3 Experiments .

I told you before that I need a more HAPPENING life. And y`know what I did?
EXPERIMENT WITH CLOTHES!! Haha, well, at least it`s something away from the computer! xD

Ooh, and this time I used my own clothes.. not Mum`s. But still using her scarves.. I mean they`re SO gorgeous, no one can resist. My favourite pieces are the maroon-pinkish dual-toned scarf that she bought at Bangkok && the sheer black shawl with one face full of glitters.. or is it sequins? I`m not sure.

*scratching my head*
What was I going to say again ..? 

Initially I planned to clean my closet eventhough there`s not much to do, but I actually took the chance to experiment with `em.. and who doesn`t like experiments?? Be it chemicals, clothes ...You get the point.

Ohkay, my first attempt was a SUCCESS! It`s the only attemp anyway - others; I just try `em and model? Bahaha I know you won`t ever imagine me doing it! xP

Recently I bought a black hoodie-jacket kinda thing and it worked wonders. I just love hoodies. But it looks weird when I wear them with hijab together. Being the creative person I am I found out a way to change that facto. YAY me ! Don`t be annoyed I perasan a lot lately, hehe!

Now my closet is more organized -- tops; skirts; bottoms; unique pieces; etc. I`m not that shy to experiment in public now, since atm I`m home alone + sibs. :D

 AND you know what? Sometimes girls buy what they would never wear ... agree? 

::My Most Wanted Fashion Wishlist ::

1. The most basic basic white long sleeves shirt
2. White *COTTON* innerwear
3. Black *COTTON* innerwear
4. White gypsi-styled skirt
5. More Tudung Indon/Ekin/Dubai
6.Denim sling-bag!

7. Long black cardi

8.White slack pants

9. Stretch belts (Doesn`t require belt loops)

10.  ++ EXTRAS! :D

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