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Hey! So we went to TESCO today. The usual groceries and stuff .. and my barang2 jahit for my ERT project - sewing a blouse! (Whoo can`t wait for that~!) I was expecting something more ... like idk.. something for myself! Err.. summore clothes?? I hope I didn`t annoy you with that (again). I just want to restock my closet and since yesterday`s closet cleaning thing, I found out that I only use some pieces. I`m just too bored of the others or they don`t fit me anymore :( I might as well do a jumble sale of `em and get loadsa money - cashh, yeah!

Hey, maybe I can still use my long sleeves shirts that I bought years ago. Most of  the lengths are short already but I can still use it under my pinafores or something. Cool idea, huh? (:

Anyways, my outfit: (I so know you`re smart enough to imagine it ;)
Simple top (GIANT; Price unavailable) + Grey dungaree (IRENELIM FASHION; RM50) + Grey cardi (TESCO; RM30) + Black-color tudung Ekin (PKNS; Price unavailable) + Black flats (GIANT; Price unavailable).

My hijab looks weird showing off at the back of my dungaree so CARDI TO THE RESCUE  to cover it. Looks like a one piece suit - smart plan - and, I made sure that the hoodie of the dungaree stays outside the cardi :D

When we queue to pay, it was SO long!  I don`t mind waiting like mindless zombies - NOT. So I leave it all to Mum - While I check out the shoe section! Y`know what attracted me?? A pair of denim slip-in flats with minimal floral patterns waiting for someone to buy `em! IT`S SCREAMING 'BUY ME! BUY ME!' And for a meer RM7.90 at that. WOW. Maybe the quality isn`t that good but you can say no to the price, right? Yessiree.. thought so! Unfortunately.. she said NO. Boo-hoo!

Well, enough about clothes for now. When my Mum choose the groceries, especially wet ones like veggies, fish etc - I just observe her and stand like ... whatever. AND I even see men & other younger kids help their parents with that .. with no trouble at all! I gotta be ashamed of myself. Like so malas lo.. ;(

P.S. I just received another shirt from an online store tonight. *winks* That should do to cure me. Hahah :P

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